The "Platform" is the Web site and the application on which the service is provided, and which is owned, controlled, managed, operated and maintained by "" The "Service" is the online booking service (including facilitating payments) for multiple products and services, which are provided from time to time by suppliers on the platform. The "Provider" is the pitch/artificial turf provider and any other product or service, which is provided from time to time for booking on the platform.
The "Visitor" is the one who visits the platform or any client for the service or the product provider.
Providing an online platform through which suppliers can advertise their products and services for booking, and visitors can do those booking.
We will work only as an intermediary between you and the provider/providers, and so, your booking details will be transferred to the relevant provider/providers. At last, we will send you a confirmation email on behalf of the provider.
The provider bears full responsibility of the provided services and that they are suitable according to the standard specifications.
The provider acknowledges authorizing "" to make booking for their products and services.
The supplier acknowledges that in case of a conflict between two bookings, one through ""platform and the other through another platform or any other means, so, the priority will be given to the booking that was done on our platform. In other words, the priority for bookings will be always given to the "" platform.
The information that we reveal are based on the information that are provided to us by providers. These providers receive permission to modify their data as well as their services, as they are completely responsible for updating all information related to prices, availability and other information that are displayed on the platform.
Although we will use our skills in performing our services, but we will not guarantee whether all the information is accurate, complete or correct. Thus, we cannot be responsible for any errors (including errors and typos), or any interruption (whether because of any collapse, reform, development or maintenance (temporary and/or partial) for our platform or otherwise).
Our service is available for personal and non-commercial use only. Therefore, you are not allowed to resell, , use, copy or monitor (for example, using a spider or scrap vehicles) or view, download, reproduce any content, information, software or products, services or bookings that are available on our platform, for any activity or business as well as competitive purposes.
Booking prices are determined by « hour »
Prices are in Omani Rial
"" respects the privacy of its users and will not sell their personal data to third parties. The privacy policy contained in this document represents the outlines of the types of personal information that we collect and how it is used by us.
"" may store access information, which include IP Addresses, browser type, date/time and location. "" collect all this information, not to spy on personal matters of visitors, but it is done for quality improvement and analytical matters concerning "". Additionally, all information stored by us is completely confidential, and remain within the scope of development and improvement of our platform only.
Our service is free, as we do not collect any fee from visitors and we will not add any additional fees on the price of the service provided by the provider.
Providers pay a commission (in the form of a small percentage of the product price (for example, pitch booking price) for "" after the final beneficiary pays and books the service or the product that is offered by the provider.
"" simplifies the payment process (via an electronic payment gateway in the form of a third party) for and on behalf of the provider, ( "" never acts as being the registered dealer).
Payment will be made securely using your credit/debit card via Bank Muscat payment gateway.
The buyer/visitor will be directed to the payment gateway of the Muscat bank, and "" will not receive or process the credit/ debit card information (card number, expiration date, CVV code), and it would not even be stored in our servers. We will only store the data contained in the payment receipt.
By booking through "", you accept and agree on the cancellation and attendance policy related to this provider, and on any terms and conditions written on description part of selected service, that may apply to your booking or during your visit (usage policy & internal rules of the provider), as they do not conflict with the policy of "”.
Booking requires the total payment, and the amount of booking will be withdrawn at the time of booking.
In case of cancellation, a sum of the paid money may be deduced from the booking paid money.
The general conditions of booking state that it should be done two hours before the due time.
The general conditions to cancel the booking state that it should be done during the 48 hours following the booking and 48 hours before the due time.
Provider will get their remittances for booking one week after the date of use of the service.
The stars that are used to evaluate any available service on our platform not equivalent to the rating system that may be applied on that service. Thus, the classification and the evaluation are just personal opinions, which do not represent and are not considered as formal evaluations. All users’ opinions are loaded on the service page, only for purpose of informing prospective clients about your opinion in the service (level) and the quality of the provider. Your reviews may be used by "" for other purposes (such as marketing, advertising and to improve our service) on our platform, any social network, promotions or publicity releases, special promotions or any other channels hosted, used, or monitored by "". We reserve the right to modify, refuse or remove opinions according to our reviews. Users Rveiws and Opinions should be considered as a survey and they do not contain any offers (commercial ones), or invitations or incentives at all.
Anyone use our platform acknowledges that they fully, legitimately and legally previewed this contract and that they accepted it with the current situation.
In the event of a dispute regarding the application or the interpretation of any article of this contract, the court is the only competent to decide in this dispute.
Registering an account on ""platform requires valid data (name, mobile number and email) and strong password. A strong password consists of at least six characters (and the more characters, the stronger the password) that are a combination of letters, numbers and symbols (@, #, $, %, etc.) . Passwords are typically case-sensitive, so a strong password contains letters in both uppercase and lowercase. Verify your account details before booking a service. ""is not responsible for the loss of your account if you enter weak password, fake data or any data belonging to someone else.
By uploading your images on our system, you acknowledge and agree that you have the copyright for these images and you agree to the possibility permitting "" to use these images and all information associated with those images on their website , mobile phones or applications, as well as using them in promotional material and publications (online and otherwise) based on the appropriate valuation for "". Accordingly, you grant "" a non-exclusive and an unconditional right. The person who uploads the images (Or the image) accepts full, legal and moral responsibility for all legal claims that will be made by any third party (including and not exhaustively, the owners of the other services) because of the use and the dissemination of such images by "".
"" does not own or endorse any images that are uploaded. The images credibility as well as the right to use them are the responsibility of the person who uploads them and not the responsibility of "".
"" does not hold itself responsible for the legal responsibility for all the images that are uploaded or posted. The person who uploads images must guarantee that they do not contain malwares or infected files. He has also to ensure that they are free from any illegal, obscene, offensive, hateful or indecent pornographic material and any other materials that violate any third party rights (intellectual property rights, copyright or privacy rights).
"" has the right to remove and delete any images, which do not meet the criteria mentioned above at any time and without any prior notice.
Using our platform for Violence or any illegal activities extremely forbidden and will be reported to the competent authorities for Legal issue.
"" is entitled to prosecute judicially any person who abused the use of platform.